Since 1977, Argus Transport Canada has been committed to providing premium, value-added service to our customers. What started out as a small family business in Montreal, Canada, grew to become the leading Canadian company we are today; with the ability to provide capacity-oriented solutions to customers in Ontario, Quebec, and the northeastern United States.

At Argus, one of our greatest strengths is our team. Several of our employees have been with us for over three decades, and our mission is to attract the best talent in the industry. We believe that our people in every division, from our drivers to our administrators, are behind every successful shipment and satisfied customer.

For over forty years, we have been capitalizing on growth opportunities by maintaining an unwavering commitment to growing and retaining our talent, staying ahead of the curve with the latest tech, and staying true to our core values.

Entreprise de transport et de logistique de Montréal

The ARGUS mission is to attract the best talent in the industry and to continually improve our service offerings, customer service, and information technologies in order to provide an unparalleled customer experience.

Due to the constant evolution of IT solutions in the logistics sector, we’re committed to not only embracing change but to leading the way when it comes to increasing our operational efficiency. Technology and customer-first service is the name of our game.

  • Safety –– We are steadfast in our commitment to keeping our staff and the public safe.
  • Transparency & Fairness –– All of our operations are guided by honesty and integrity.
  • Team empowerment –– Our team is our strongest asset, and we attribute our success to them.
  • Innovation –– From IT systems to daily operations, we continually seek improvement.
  • Experience –– Our 40+ years of service and growth offers customers invaluable expertise.
  • Being human –– At every touchpoint along the supply chain, we acknowledge every hard working human being.