Inclusion, Respect, and Equal Opportunity: Our Commitment to Diversity

At Argus, we believe that diverse ethnic backgrounds, languages, religions, gender orientations, sexual preferences, and abilities are what make countries and organizations strong. Many studies have revealed that having a team of people from a wide variety of backgrounds can enhance problem solving and innovation. From a corporate standpoint, the benefits of fostering a culture

Why Driver Retention Rates Matter

Trucking companies are often recognized for relatively high employee turnover rates compared to organizations in other industries. There are a number of factors that contribute to driver retention rates, including the economic variables that affect the supply and demand for drivers. Another notable contributor to driver turnover is the extent to which a carrier hires

Treating Staff Like Humans – Use the Golden Rule

5 Reasons to use the golden rule If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that certain occupations are critical to keeping essential services running during a difficult time. These jobs include grocery workers, delivery people, medical professionals, plumbers and other maintenance workers, and commercial truck drivers.  If it wasn’t for truck drivers, we

Increasingly challenging: attracting and retaining trucking talent

Just about every hiring manager in the transportation industry will tell you about the current shortage of truck drivers. Not only are trucking companies across the country finding it harder and harder to attract new drivers, but many of their verteran drivers are retiring, and others are dropping off for other reasons. To make matters

Everything you need to know about E-Log Books

It’s 2020, and that means that electronic log books will soon be mandatory for commercial drivers in Canada. Though e-log books have been around for a few years, some transport companies are still adapting to this new law, and there continues to be some questions and concerns about the implications of this regulation. What is

5 things that make a truck stop great!

Ample parking Finding a safe place to sleep can be a challenge for many commercial drivers. Sometimes, big box retailers will allow truck drivers to use their lots to park over night, but not always. In fact, some drivers have even been refused parking spots by their clients and others for various unfair reasons. The


We’re hiring! Class 1 and Class 3 Canadian truck drivers with experience. Must have Canadian work permit.


The ARGUS mission is to attract the best talent in the industry and to continually improve our service offerings, customer service, and information technologies in order to provide an unparalleled customer experience.

Due to the constant evolution of IT solutions in the logistics sector, we’re committed to not only embracing change but to leading the way when it comes to increasing our operational efficiency. Technology and customer-first service is the name of our game.

  • Safety –– We are steadfast in our commitment to keeping our staff and the public safe.
  • Transparency & Fairness –– All of our operations are guided by honesty and integrity.
  • Team empowerment –– Our team is our strongest asset, and we attribute our success to them.
  • Innovation –– From IT systems to daily operations, we continually seek improvement.
  • Experience –– Our 40+ years of service and growth offers customers invaluable expertise.
  • Being human –– At every touchpoint along the supply chain, we acknowledge every hard working human being.