Logistics 3PL Division

Get a Rate

We make it as easy and quick as possible to get a rate. We’ll need some key information to reply promptly including any appointment information, shipment weight, type of packaging, number of skids, product details (ie: perishable; hazmat; temperature control; etc.)

ARGUS Logistics (3PL) Division

Argus Transport is able to handle ALL of your North American Shipments! Those not booked on our equipment would be managed through Argus Logistics 3PL Division using highly vetted carriers.

You ship –We’ll get it delivered


Our experienced team will book your shipments between any two points in North America (Canada-USA-Mexico). This also includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico. Let us relieve you of the decision process of which carrier to use, on Argus equipment, or through our Logistics Division, we’ll get it done. Anywhere – Anytime.

On Any Equipment Type

Dry vans, flatbed, stepdeck, open top; container drayage, etc.

With Highly Experienced Logistics Professionals

Our logistics personnel have extensive experience booking thousands of shipments each year.

Most of our staff have been in the transportation & logistics industry for 10+ years (many 20+) and have acquired substantial experience dealing with all types of shipments on various equipment types.

Employees have developed specific expertise for specialized shipments such as oversize/overweight; construction site deliveries, trade shows, expedited, etc.

Using Partner Carriers Located North America Wide

Argus Transport Canada has developed valuable relationships with highly regarded carriers located throughout Canada and the United States. In many cases we work together performing final leg delivery in our respective service areas. This has built significant and trustworthy relationships between carriers. The ultimate benefactors of these relationships are our clients receiving great service and competitive pricing throughout North America.