Guide to Canada’s Most Scenic Highways

Truckers know all too well that highway driving can be monotonous at times. Fortunately, there are moments that make it all worth it (from a visual perspective).

There’s nothing quite like a sunrise over rolling hills on a clear day. Some of the roads in Canada are enough to make anyone on the road feel inspired, and many of our drivers can attest to the fact that the following highways are some of the most beautiful in the country.


Highway 60 – Algonquin Park, Ontario


Algonquin Park, located in central Ontario, is one of Ontario’s most well-known camping destinations. Drivers along highway 60 can catch glimpses of incredibly dense forests, pristine lakes, and even animal wildlife (if they’re lucky). The route has been named the Corridor, and is clearly posted with kilometre signs from the West Gate to the East Gate. For those traveling through Ontario (northwest of Ottawa) the hour-long drive along Hwy 60 is sure to impress those looking to experience some truly beautiful wilderness. 


Highway 362, the St. Lawrence Route – Québec


Highway 362 is a 48-kilometer route that connects Baie-Saint-Paul to La Malbaie just north of Quebec city. Drivers can expect scenic views of quaint towns and picturesque landscapes. In fact, this highway has been noted as one of the most beautiful in the entire province. Along the way are opportunities to stop at sandy beaches, independent boutiques selling local handicrafts, independent restaurants and some microbreweries and pubs that are worthy of the stop.


Highway 99, the Sea to Sky Highway – British Columbia


Just north of Vancouver is the famous Sea to Sky Highway – officially Hwy 99 North. The two-hour drive was repaired in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, making it a comfortable drive indeed. It’s no surprise that a road connecting Vancouver and Whistler is overwhelmingly scenic, with views of impressive mountains, valleys, and of course, the sea.


Trans-Canada Highway in Lake Louise – Alberta


The Trans-Canada officially opened in 1962, and was completed in 1971, and once completed, it was the most lengthy uninterrupted highway in the world. Argus drivers are intimately familiar with parts of the Trans-Canada highway, particularly in Ontario. Each province boasts their own scenic stretches of this famous road, but the most beautiful is perhaps near Lake Louise, Alberta. Lake Louise is one of the famous (and picturesque) lakes in the world, so it’s no surprise that the highway running through the area is a favorite.


Highway 93, the Icefields Parkway – Alberta


The Rocky Mountain highway known as the Icefields Parkway links Lake Louise with Jasper Alberta. Similar to the Trans-Canada highway near Lake Louise, this road is known for views of snow capped mountains, waterfalls, limestone cliffs and glaciers. Lucky drivers might even have the chance to spot local wildlife such as bighorn sheep and caribou. The journey along this stretch typically lasts three hours, and is unlike any other drive in Canada.


Pacific Rim Highway – British Columbia

Just about every view on Vancouver island is lush and scenic, and the Pacific Rim Highway that passes through Tofino is no exception. For those who don’t mind narrow lanes complete with twists and turns, this highway offers views of dense rainforests and misty beaches.
Highway 10, Eastern Townships – Québec


The highway running east from Montreal to Quebec’s Eastern Townships isn’t exactly famous, but Argus drivers can attest to its beauty. Truck drivers are no stranger to this critically important route to parts of Quebec as well as the United States. As soon as you’re out of the densely populated suburbs, the surrounding areas feature rolling hills, rustic farmhouses, and forests that look spectacular during the autumn months.


For many truck drivers, being out on the open road on a nice day is one of the best parts of the job. In Canada, there’s no shortage of natural beauty – providing inspiring backdrops to many drives!