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5 things that make a truck stop great!

Ample parking

Finding a safe place to sleep can be a challenge for many commercial drivers. Sometimes, big box retailers will allow truck drivers to use their lots to park over night, but not always. In fact, some drivers have even been refused parking spots by their clients and others for various unfair reasons. The COVID-19 pandemic has made finding a place to spend the night an even greater problem.

A great truck stop will be designed with truckers in mind, and will always have enough parking space.


Mechanic services

Having a mechanic on site at a truck stop is a major bonus for commercial drivers. One never knows when there will be an unexpected problem. Truck stops that offer mechanical repairs for cars and trucks are doing drivers a major service.

Clean shower facilities

Feeling clean when you’re on the road for more than a couple of days can be a challenge. It’s not totally uncommon for truck stops to offer shower facilities, but they aren’t always up to par when it comes to hygiene. A truck stop that cares about both drivers and its reputation should ensure that it’s showers are as clean and as inviting as any hotel. One truck stop in Ontario, Herb’s Travel Plaza, even offers a hair salon!

Free Wi-Fi

We live in a hyper-connected world, and Wi-Fi is one of those essential services we should expect from all truck stops. Perhaps a free Internet connection used be associated with business travelers exclusively, but at this point, we all need fast, reliable, and free Wi-Fi. The On Route chain of truck stops in Canada does a great job of offering basic amenities such as clean bathrooms, ATMs, pet areas, and of course, that all-important free Wi-Fi!

Hearty food

No one likes to drive for hours without a decent bite to eat! Most truck stops will offer food, but a great truck stop will offer freshly prepared hot classics such as club sandwiches, burgers, fries, and vegetarian options. A great truck stop will also offer regional favourites. For example, the Stop Lafrontière truck stop at the border of Canada and the United States offers one of Quebec’s most beloved signature dishes: the poutine! Talk about a warm welcome home! Stop Lafrontière has also gone a step further in making life a little easier for Argus truck drivers during the pandemic, and are offering all commercial truck drivers a 25% discount.

What makes a truck stop great isn’t just clean facilities and available fuel, but the little things that make work more comfortable for commercial drivers.

Remember, drivers are essential workers and without them, supply chains just wouldn’t work. A great truck stop should consider itself as a part of this critical supply chain, and keep drivers needs top of mind!