Argus acquires JLine and RDU

Since its inception decades ago, the Argus Group has been expanding, and 2021 proved to be a very noteworthy year. The Argus Group is pleased to announce its most recent acquisitions: JLine Transport and RDU as an expansion of Argus Transport USA, LLC.

A little bit of Argus History

The Argus Group of Companies comprises four Quebec-based trucking companies including Argus Transport Canada, Transport Frontière St. Bernard Transport, Kevin Patterson and Anjou Transport.  Another member of the Argus Group is a fully-integrated truck stop located at the Lacolle/Champlain border crossing.

Perhaps the most recognized company in the Argus Group is Argus Transport.  Argus Transport Canada has been in business for 40 years and has an excellent reputation with shippers, forwarders, and 3PL’s located in Quebec, Ontario and the Northeast United States.  Argus Transport Canada has full operations located in Montreal, Quebec, and Mississauga, Ontario.

With the entrepreneurial spirit of its ownership, and with the inspiration of its American clientele, the Argus Group management decided to expand into the USA inter/intra-State marketplace in 2021. JLine Transport and RDU were identified as high quality, long-established U.S.-based trucking companies, and they have been successfully incorporated into the Argus Group.
Argus now has a foothold in the USA domestic market with ARGUS TRANSPORT USA, LLC.

Argus Transport USA is now a proud member of the Argus Group thanks to this latest acquisition of Jline Transport and RDU.  JLine Transport is a long-established regional carrier based in Providence, RI.  JLine has been family owned and operated for many decades.  They specialize in TL services to all points east of the Mississippi.  JLine is strategically well positioned, having the major markets of Boston, NYC and Philadelphia—all close to the primary hub in Montreal.


RDU is a respected regional carrier based in Rochester, NY.  RDU is a mixed LTL & TL carrier specialized in Upstate New York. RDU has a very strong reputation for being a highly efficient and well-run operation.


Both USA acquisitions are well-established, and have earned their reputations. Like all members of the Argus Group, the US members have been family owned and operated since their inception.  Their operational teams are highly experienced with dedication to customer service, safety, and efficiency.

Expanded capabilities, same high-quality service

Having U.S.-based companies as key members of the Argus Group, Argus now offers a much wider range of services. This includes the long-standing offerings of LTL, TL, container dray, LCL within QC, ON and between Canada and the United States—now with the addition of inter & intra State transportation. Adding inter and intra-state services in addition to four strategically located terminals in Canada and the United States will undoubtedly make for even more productivity and growth for employees and clients of the Argus Group!