New office for a growing team

Although the 2020’s have certainly proven to be challenging, The Argus Group of Companies is proud to share that this year has been one of transformation and growth. We’ve come a long way from our humble office building to our new administrative home at 4625 Cote Vertu Ouest, in the city of Saint Laurent. This new building is not only a lot more inspiring, but is the perfect space to accommodate our rapidly growing admin team.

Our vision for the office is clear: to create a progressive, modern workplace that is comfortable and that serves everyone on our administrative team.

“The pandemic taught us new ways of working. Our transition to remote work was seamless thanks to our IT team, but everyone agreed that it was time to be back in the office. We learned that the vast majority of our team preferred face-to-face meetings and the kind of synergy you just can’t replicate when you’re working from home,” expresses Oren Gabbay, Vice President of Business Development.

The new headquarters are now home to The Argus Group’s expanding Accounting, Sales, Management, and IT teams, as well as other administrative support staff. The Argus Group is excited to offer employees a sunny, clean, and modern space with contemporary amenities. Not only does this space offer much improved meeting rooms and facilities, we know it better reflects the culture of open communication and forward thinking.